Maxine Mimms Academies
Triage: Program Overview

Social Context

No child left behind? In fact, children with personal, family or economic issues are often not just left behind, they are too often jettisoned by conventional schools that are ill-equipped to deal with each child as an individual. Of course, given the sheer numbers and the need to deliver on bureaucratic requirements, it may be unfair to expect such individualization and adjustment. Enter Maxine Mimms Academy!

At the Academy, we seek to help students who have trouble in the regular institutions of the community to achieve their potential. We set high standards and require performance, but in a manner that begins with the premise that each child can succeed. We emphasize tomorrow's promise, not yesterday's mistakes.

Our enrichment programs supplement the ordinary school and adult educational experience with introductions to technology that go beyond skills development to foster an awareness of the role of technology in society and how traditionally disadvantaged communities can use the new technologies to create a more inclusive society along with personal career opportunities.



  • Total immersion in science, technology, engineering and math
  • Workshops in Hydroponic Indoor Gardening that engage young people in organic food production
  • Transformative socio-educational service that is re-imaging relationships with teaching and learning
  • Minimum class size 12 students with one certified teacher and two educational leaders

Family Assistance

  • Parent GOE workshops that offer an holistic approach to food access and nutrition
  • Better health
  • Skills training
  • Local jobs creation

Mentorship Programs

Participants will learn to:

  • Cultivate nutritious hydroponically grown foods from seed-to-table in a hands-on learning environment
  • Assemble, operate, and maintain the rotary hydroponics systems and growing plants
  • Develop and execute plans for marketing and distributing their produce within their school and to local food banks


Classes start approximately the same times as public schools, but enrollment at other times is possible. Programs available for students that are:
  • Vulnerable to Academic Failure
  • Credit Deficient
  • Young Adults – Ages 18- 21
Classes are held from 10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.


Maxine Mimms Academies Administration
1423 E 29th Street
Tacoma, WA 98404

Classrooms are in any school facility and technology lab with Internet access


Dr. Maxine Mimms is Founder of the Maxine Mimms Academies and Evergreen State College's Tacoma Campus. Other staff members include Isa Nichols, Executive Director, Michael Twiggs, IT/GOE Project Director, Theodore Mimms N.D., STEM Education Director


There is no cost to families.


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